While ID.iowa.gov does not require you to set-up a secondary authentication method, it is recommended as an added layer of protection to secure your information.

Okta Verify

Okta Verify is more secure against phishing and theft than other options of secondary authentication.

Okta Verify is downloaded to your device and generates secure, six-digit codes you use to help sign in to your accounts. While authentication applications are not protected if your device is lost or stolen, this method offers more security than phone calls or text messaging against phishing, hacking, or interception.

Phone Authenication

Phone is used for both SMS (text messages) and Voice Calls but considered one type of Authenticator. You will have the option to select either SMS or Voice.

SMS/Text messages or phone calls are convenient but are more vulnerable to theft, hackers, and other attacks.

If you choose to use this option, enter a phone number where you can receive calls or text messages. If you only have a landline, you must receive your security code by phone call. ID.iowa.gov cannot send security codes to extensions or voicemails.

A unique security code will be sent to that phone number each time you sign in to your ID.iowa.gov account. When you receive the code, type it into the “one-time security code” field. Each security code expires after ten minutes and can only be used once. If you don’t enter the security code within ten minutes, request a new code.